Thursday, May 31, 2012


One day we had a man and his girlfriend come for a couples' massage.  We gave them instructions and closed the door while they prepared for their massage.  Five minutes went by  While we waited, we heard lots of giggling and twittering going on in there.
The massage went well.  They enjoyed it very much.
Afterwards, they put their hearing aids back in their ears, grabbed their canes and each others' arms and headed happily out the door.
We watched dewy-eyed, thinking, "Ah, the sweetness of "old/young" love!"

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun in the Middle East

While on a trip to the Middle East, I discovered that women are not allowed to eat with the men at a restaurant.
I met three lovely young women, wearing their abayas, sitting at a table in Krispy Kreme.  I asked them about makeup and they said, "Do you want to buy or put?"
I said, "Both".
In a flurry of excitement, they gathered up their things, covered their heads and bustled me off to the mall next door.
We found the stores closed, as it was prayer time, so one girl pulled her eyeliner out of her voluminous bag and with great giggles and glee applied it to my lids.
In a land where sometimes only a woman's eyes are displayed, makeup becomes an exceptional art.